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2022 CAN FAQ

2022 Customer Appreciation Sale FAQ

What are Customer Appreciation Gift Certificates? Also known as CAN Gift Certificates, Customer Appreciation Gift Certificates are available for a limited every October. CAN Gift Certificates  are purchased at a 20% discount of their face value and can be used towards cosmetic services and products at DCA all year long.  *NEW This Year* There are

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2022 Customer Appreciation Terms and Conditions

2022 Customer Appreciation Gift Certificate Sale Terms and Conditions

2022 Customer Appreciation Night (aka CAN) 20% Off Gift Certificates Customer Appreciation Night Gift Certificates are purchased for 20% off their face value and can be used towards products and cosmetic procedures at DCA. 2022 Customer Appreciation Gift Certificates will go on sale the morning of October 10th. They can be purchased in our online

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2022 DCA Customer Appreciation Noon Zoom Schedule and Registration

CAN 2022 Noon Zoom Schedule

Day 1: Welcome to CAN WATCH DAY 1 RECORDING Dr. Gray explains how Customer Appreciation Night started, how it has evolved, and what is different this year. PRIZE: VIP Registration to Customer Appreciation Night for you and a friend + bonus gift bags! Starring Dr. Leslie Gray Day 2: Bodysculpting Q&A WATCH DAY 2 RECORDING

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CoolSculpting Elite Frequently Asked Questions Midsection Makeover Advanced BodySculpting Center DCA

CoolSculpting ELITE: FAQ

How does CoolSculpting® work? CoolSculpting® employs technology called cryolipolysis, which literally means using freezing temperatures to break down fat cells and only fat cells – other cell types aren’t affected. After being treated with CoolSculpting®, the dead fat cells are gradually removed by the body and then they are gone – forever. What’s more, CoolSculpting® is

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Upneeq Eyedrops Eyelids Look Low Dermatology Center of Atlanta

Get Uplifted with UPNEEQ

Treat Low-Lying Eyelids with UPNEEQ UPNEEQ is a prescription eye drop that temporarily lifts low-lying eyelids for a wider, more open eyes. UPNEEQ temporarily causes one of the muscles that open your eyelid to contract. Contracting this muscle creates a visible lift in as little as 15 minutes and lasts about 6-8 hours. UPNEEQ is

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Burning Questions About Sunscreen Answered

Q. DOES SPF 15 MEAN I CAN STAY IN THE SUN 15 TIMES LONGER WITHOUT BURNING? A. Unfortunately, no. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and it is a measure of how long you will be protected from UVB rays before you burn. It ends up being related to total solar intensity as well as

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Spring Cleaning April Blog Post DCA Dermatology Center of Atlanta Advanced SkinCare Center

Spring Into Great Skin!

Is your skin ready for a little Spring Re-fresh? Here at Dermatology Center of Atlanta, we think April is a great time for some spring-cleaning tips for your skincare routine. First, take a look at your current skin care products. Are they past their expiration date? Replace those. Do you have some products that do

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DCA Best Botox Practice

DCA Wins Best Botox in Atlanta

Best Botox practice – Five years in a row! Dermatology Center of Atlanta has been voted BEST BOTOX PRACTICE in Best Self Magazine’s 2021 Best of Atlanta contest. This is the fifth consecutive year that Dermatology Center of Atlanta has won the Best Botox award, and we are so grateful to our patients for their

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Q and A with Dr Gray

Q & A with Dr. Gray: Rosacea and Diet

New Question Every Month Every month we are going to publish a question from one of our patients about a common skin problem along with an expert answer from Dr. Leslie Gray, board-certified dermatologist and owner and founder of Dermatology Center of Atlanta. In our first installment of Q and A with Dr. Gray the

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