2022 Customer Appreciation Sale FAQ

2022 CAN FAQ

What are Customer Appreciation Gift Certificates?

Also known as CAN Gift Certificates, Customer Appreciation Gift Certificates are available for a limited every October. CAN Gift Certificates  are purchased at a 20% discount of their face value and can be used towards cosmetic services and products at DCA all year long. 

*NEW This Year*

There are TWO (2) types of CAN Gift Certificate available to purchase. Each patient may purchase a maximum of ONE (1) of each type:

COSMETIC INJECTABLES CERTIFICATES ($1500 maximum value) can be used towards Botox/Dysport, fillers, Sculptra, Kybella.

ASC SERVICES & PRODUCTS CERTIFICATES ($1500 maximum value) can be used towards Skincare Products and Aesthetic Services including Chemical Peels, Laser Treatments (HALO, BBL, Vbeam), Laser Hair Removal, Hydrafacials, SkinPen Microneedling, Vivace Radio Frequency Microneedling, CoolSculpting, and CoolTone.

PLEASE NOTE: Certificates are not refundable, transferable, or interchangeable.

How do I purchase a CAN Gift Certificate?

2022 Customer Appreciation Gift Certificates will go on sale the morning of October 10th. They can be purchased in our online Advanced SkinCare Store or in person at DCA (during the pre-sale and/or during our Customer Appreciation Night event). Certificates are available until the evening of October 18th; the online store will stop selling gift certificates @ 11:59pm.

Is there a maximum amount I can purchase?

Yes. The maximum value for each certificate is $1500, so the total cap is $3000.

PLEASE NOTE: Any gift certificate purchases made online that surpass $1500 per certificate per person will be immediately refunded and subject to processing fees.

Do CAN Gift Certificates expire?

Certificates retain their original purchase price value, but the additional 20% discount expires after about one year. 2022 CAN Gift Certificates will expire October 15, 2023

Are there any exceptions?

Yes. CAN Gift Certificates cannot be used on DCA special offers, package discounts (except CoolSculpting, CoolTone, and Laser Hair Removal), Consultation fees, Ear piercing/earlobe repair, and Cosmetic lesion removals (moles, skin tags).

See our blog post about Terms & Conditions for more details.

If I purchase a Gift Certificate for Cosmetic Injectables in your online store during pre-sale week, can I purchase another one at the live event on October 19th?

You cannot purchase two Cosmetic Injectables Gift Certificates for yourself; however, you can add to the value of the certificate if the amount of the certificate you purchased was less than the $1500 maximum. The maximum value possible for an Injectable Services Gift Certificate is $1500. If the certificate you bought during the pre-sale was for an amount less than $1500 and you decide later that you would like to add additional funds you can do so up to the maximum amount allowed up through the end of the sale at 11:59pm on 10/18.

If my spouse purchases a CAN Gift Certificate and decides not to use it, can I use their certificate towards my procedure?

No. Each certificate is assigned to a specific patient account and can only be redeemed by that patient.

Can I purchase a CAN Gift Certificate for myself and another one as a gift for a family member or friend?

Yes; please note that we require the recipient’s name and date of birth at the time of purchase.

What if I lose my CAN Gift Certificate?

We keep your certificate on file here at DCA – so you can’t lose it! When the sale has concluded you will also receive an email confirmation with your purchase details for your records.

When can I start using my 2022 CAN Gift Certificate(s)?

Monday, October 24, 2022

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