2021 Noon Zoom Schedule

Noon Zoom Schedule

Day 1: Skin Tone Issues

DAY 1: Monday, October 18 @ 12:30pm

PRIZE: To be announced!

In this webinar, Dr. Gray will talk about skin tone and pigment issues like rosacea, melasma, post-inflammatory erythema, spider veins, etc. Then Dr. Gray will go over her recommendations for the best ways to prevent these conditions and the best procedures to treat them with.


Day 2: BodySculpting

DAY 2: Tuesday, October 19 @ 12:30pm

PRIZE: To be announced!

Dr. Leslie Gray and medical aesthetician Amber Voronov review the body sculpting technologies available in the DCA Advanced BodySculpting Center – including CoolSculpting for fat reduction and CoolTone for muscle conditioning. 


Day 3: BodySculpting Consult

DAY 3: Wednesday, October 20 @ 12:30pm

PRIZE: To be announced!

Join Amber as she performs a BodySculpting consultation on a real live model. In this webinar attendees will get to watch someone get assessed for a midsection makeover and find out how CoolSculpting and/or CoolTone can help them. 

Day 4: Aging & Injectables

DAY 4: Thursday, October 21 @ 12:30pm

PRIZE: To be announced!

In our fourth Noon Zoom, Dr. Leslie Gray will talk about the aging process, how injectables can be used to combat the natural effects of aging, and why she takes a conservative approach to cosmetic injectables like Juvederm and Botox. 

Day 5: Cosmetic Consult

DAY 5: Friday, October 22 @ 12:30pm

PRIZE: To be announced!

If you are interested in what Botox and fillers can do for you, this Noon Zoom is a must-see! Attendees of this webinar will get to look behind the curtain and watch Dr. Gray perform a cosmetic consultation on a live model!


Day 6: SkinCare Q&A

DAY 6: Monday, October 25 @ 12:30pm

PRIZE: To be announced!

In this Noon Zoom, we are answering all of your questions about skincare! Dr. Gray and Kris Dubose, our Cosmetic Coordinator in the DCA Advanced SkinCare Center, will talk about the Core Four skincare philosophy and answer your most frequently asked questions about skincare products.


Day 7: Trivia Game and Prizes

DAY 7: Tuesday, October 26 @ 12:30pm

PRIZES: A lot!

Who’s been taking notes? Like a cross between a pub quiz and Jeopardy, it’s our first ever DCA quiz game! Answer questions about this year’s week of Noon Zooms to win valuable skincare prizes!


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