Fractional Non-ablative Skin Resurfacing

Fractional Non-ablative Skin Resurfacing

FractionalNonAblativeWhat is Fractional Non-ablative Skin Resurfacing?
This is a laser treatment that is gentle on the skin by delivering light pulses called “microbeams” to create columns of coagulation within the skin. These columns initiate a natural healing process that forms new, healthy tissue which results in improved skin appearance.

How is Fractional Non-ablative Skin Resurfacing used?
Starlux Fractional non-ablative treatments can be performed on most areas of the body. We use the Palomar StarLux 500 for skin resurfacing to help improve age spots, sun damage, skin tone & texture and wrinkles.

What can I expect?
You may experience redness, warmth, swelling or tightness on the treated area. This will typically fade within a few hours and the skin may often have a pinkish hue for 5 to 7 days following the treatment.

How long do the effects last?
A series of treatments at 4 to 6 week intervals may be required to achieve the desired results. Maintenance treatments are recommended.

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