Denise Hand

DENISE HAND – Licensed Aesthetician

Denise is a Licensed Aesthetician with extensive experience providing high-quality care and custom, personalized skincare options. She is a graduate of the International School of Skin, Nails, and Massage Therapy, where she achieved recognition for numerous academic as well as clinical achievements. Passionate about learning and educating others, Denise is dedicated to creating a personalized Core-4 skincare plan for each client. She sees each client as an individual, tailoring her approach to their specific need.

Prior to becoming an aesthetician, Denise worked as a therapist with a strong background in counseling and psychology. With this thorough understanding of the mind-body connection, she truly believes that people should feel healthy and good about themselves.

The first part Denise’s career was spent helping people feel good about themselves on the inside, and now she helps them feel good about themselves on the outside. Conscious of both aspects of one’s “beauty,” she is uniquely positioned to provide unparalleled aesthetic care.